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https://github.com/trekhleb/javascript-algorithms#readme--- date: "2018-05-28T06:55:11.165Z" title: "Common structures and algorithms overview" tags: ['programming', 'computing', 'algorithms', 'performance'] excerpt: "Common structures and algorithms to handle large lists of data"

To store, compute and analyze data with skills from computer science

As a front-ender I mostly deal with tool-tweeks, device-tweeks and handling the scope of the code. The latest time I've dug into the subject of common algorithms, and the connection to functional programming. I find the mathematical approach to javascript extremely useful, since it handles the scope of variables by design. I also enjoy the connection to computer science that is language agnostic, and lives in its ideal world, far away from real world problems with css on another mobile device app with old browser. The example problems and explanations I've so far stumbled upon are very cryptical and far fetched, and the connection to real world hard to see. To analyze integers in arrays is of course where a long process of solving a problem may end. I also believe that whenever search algorithms and data storage are in use, they are abstracted away in libraries that take care of search box input, canvas drawing, image handling etc. Anyhow, I today found the most impressive and approachable resource explaining both in text, graphs and javascript-code the most common algorithms and data structures: https://github.com/trekhleb/javascript-algorithms#readme