This new webpage

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The technologies discovered for this site

I had some requirements. With my nose deep down in javascript most of the time, I looked for some way to create a portfolio or blog or something to document a little about what I am doing as a developer.

about flexbox

In my position I'm spoiled with expert collegues on css and styling, which meant that the previously hard earned skills have met a rough wakening the latest time. The flex-box styling for example.

ease of creating content

This tool introduced rendering of markdown-files into html. It makes creation of content focused to simple syntax. Fantastic. The system builds all views programatically. Yes, a lot of effort to set up this first time, but as normal with the web it is about learn and use the efforts of many other developers. Thank you. has more info about Gatsby:

node js

Always a pleasure to return to node. I'm not a backend developer, although some effort has been done in PHP. Node-js is by far the most effective backend system I've used. To extend the instructions from tutorials, examples and documentation about gatsby, some local work was done here too.


And what an exiting future for the alternative of rest-apis! The solutions graphQL proposes seems like a superb cure to align robustness and maintenance work of dynamic data-fetching from various endpoints.


Also promising. The scoped solution of css for react-components. Yes, go ahead. Import everything to javascript. Everything into react, modules and what not. The idea of collecting react-component and styling into small entities usable as lego-bricks is appealing. The connection between css and elements gets less hidden than with the ubiquitous mega-large css-sheets normally present. I like that idea. The drawback I see as a beginner in that area, is the bloating with css-css-css-css of previously clean modules, but the patterns and abstraction around this will improve. Its on me.